About Us

Who We Are

Rocksolid organic Agro Enterprise is a registered organic farm and social entrprise into the production of crops {fruits and vegetables}, livestock {snail, poultry and fish}, mushroom, and other organic products such as fertilizers, compost, feed and pesticides as well as recycle agro wastes.

We are joining hands to reduce hunger and malnutrition by producing healthy, nutritious organic farm products, reduce poverty by creating job opportunities and trainings, and contributing to mitigating climate change challenges through our eco-friendly farm practices and agro waste recycling.


To  provide healthy, nutritious organic food while converting agro wastes to wealth thereby contributing to a healthy environment and healthy food to eat.


To be a known brand contributing to food security and sustainability through regenerative farming, waste recycling and training.

Our Values



Those who have partnered with us to get this far.