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"YALI Community Project"

As part of the YALI RLC WA, we give back to our community as we have been equipped to make impact.

This time we are partnering with Proverbs Girl to create awareness on #recycling and the use of social media to advocate, create impact and take action.



Are you a youth or a woman seeking to make extra income from mushroom farming or a rice farmer seeking for a way to dispose your rice straws after harvesting, in preparation for the next planting season?

'AGRORECYCLUB', where agro wastes are turned to wealth


A 3-day free training on organic mushroom production on rice straw (post harvest waste) for youths, women and rice farmers.



Date: 22 - 24 November, 2023

Venue: Online

Deadline: 8th November, 2023

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"Best Farmer Award" 2023 by Guzakuza

It is with excitement that we announce the selection of our CEO, Peculiar N. Okafor as a finalist for "BEST FARMER OF THE YEAR AWARD" 2023, presented by GUZAKUZA.


Earn from Waste Project

Earn from Waste is a project aimed at educating community members in Africa on the opportunities to earn income through waste recycling. With Africa producing around 70 million tons of waste annually, projected to exceed 160 million tons by 2025, effective waste management is crucial.

Agrorecyclub, a program of Rocksolid Organic Agro Enterprise, in conjunction with DO, brings this to the students of Bonsaac Community as it is in everyone's hands to take action to mitigate climate change, including students. 

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As climate change threatens human health, food and water security, and socio-economic development, join #yalilearns session to learn how to plan, implement, and run a sustainable climate-smart business.

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